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Motorcycles are popular in the Newnan area, as many riders pass through Newnan on the scenic Highway 27 Alternate to Greenville, Georgia on their way to Warm Springs, Georgia.Unfortunately, even the prettiest Sunday afternoon ride can turn tragic in an instant as a result of the negligence of another driver and it is vital for every rider and passenger to know the risks they face on a motorcycle.These vehicles do not offer the same level of protection one could expect from an enclosed passenger vehicle, so motorcycle accidents tend to result in severe injuries at higher rates than most other vehicle accidents. A Newnan motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover if you have been injured in an accident.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Motorcycle Accident Claims in Newnan, GA

The attorneys at Trammell & White offer client-focused legal counsel for motorcycle accident claims and many other types of vehicle accident claims in Newnan and surrounding communities of Georgia. Dalton Trammell and Garrett White take time to listen to each client’s story, helping them determine their most viable legal strategies in the aftermath of serious accidents. We can put our extensive experience to work for you in your impending motorcycle accident claim.

The right attorney is an invaluable asset for anyone attempting to recover from an accident in Newnan. While it is possible for you to pursue recovery on your own, you are not only more likely to succeed with your recovery efforts with an attorney’s help but also more likely to maximize the compensation you obtain if you succeed with your case. Your attorney can also help you address unexpected challenges you encounter as your case unfolds.

Proving Liability for Your Motorcycle Accident in Newnan

Georgia enforces the fault rule for all vehicle accidents, meaning that if you believe another driver directly caused your recent motorcycle accident, you must prove this before you can claim any compensation for your damages. Motorcycle accidents can happen from many of the same causes as other vehicle accidents. However, motorcyclists are more vulnerable in some situations due to their small size compared to most other vehicles.

Driver negligence is the leading cause of accidents throughout the Newnan area, and this can take the form of distracted driving, speeding, traffic violations, and any other incident of a driver failing to uphold their duty of care to drive responsibly. It is also possible for a motorcycle accident to happen because of reckless driving, intoxicated driving, and other misconduct behind the wheel.

Your Newnan motorcycle accident lawyer can help gather evidence to support your case, such as traffic camera footage, drivers’ cell phone records, and testimony from witnesses who saw the accident happen. The average person would be likely to struggle in attempting to secure this evidence on their own while managing their injuries and the economic aftermath of their accident.

In proving fault for your motorcycle crash, it is vital to remember that Georgia enforces the modified comparative fault rule for all vehicle accidents. This means that if a plaintiff bears partial responsibility for an accident, they will lose a corresponding percentage of their case award. However, the fault threshold is 50%. If the plaintiff is found more at fault than the defendant, they cannot seek compensation for their damages.

Recovering With an Auto Insurance Claim

Georgia law requires every driver to have auto insurance that includes coverage for property damage liability and bodily injury liability. If a driver causes an accident and injures another driver, the at-fault driver’s insurance will pay for the injured driver’s damages. After your accident, you have the right to file a claim against the at-fault driver and seek compensation for your losses, but dealing with insurance companies can be difficult.

Insurance companies will almost always look for ways to push back against claims for compensation. They may attempt to engage in bad faith tactics, hoping that a claimant’s desperation will compel them to accept a lowball settlement offer. However, they are less likely to attempt any unethical handling of a claim if they see that a claimant has legal representation. Your attorney can help file your claim and resolve any disputes raised against it.

Building a Personal Injury Suit for a Motorcycle Accident in Newnan

When insurance does not fully cover your damages after a motorcycle accident, you have the right to pursue additional recovery with a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. Success with your claim will require firmly establishing liability for the accidentand proving the full range of the damages you suffered from the accident. Having an experienced Newnan motorcycle accident lawyer on your side makes this much easier to accomplish.

The goal of your personal injury claim is to hold the at-fault driver accountable for the damage they have done. You have the right to claim compensation for any losses not covered by their insurance, which are likely to include any vehicle repair bills their insurance can’t cover, your medical bills, the cost of future medical treatment you may need for a severe injury, lost income, and your lost earning power if you have been disabled by your injuries.

In addition to these economic damages, you also have the right to seek compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced. Georgia law does not limit pain and suffering compensation in motor vehicle accident cases, nor does state law require that you use a specific formula to calculate pain and suffering. If you sustained severe injuries from your accident, your pain and suffering compensation could form the bulk of your final award.

The attorneys at Trammell & White are ready to assist you with all the recovery efforts you intend to attempt in the aftermath of your motorcycle accident. The right legal team is an invaluable asset for the insurance claim process and a subsequent personal injury suit, and we are confident that we can efficiently guide you to a positive outcome in your case. Our firm has years of experience, and we are ready to leverage it to help you fully recover.


What do I do after a motorcycle accident in newnan, georgia?

After a motorcycle accident, call 911. Please do not hesitate to seek medical attention if needed. Make sure an incident report is filed and report any and all related injuries applicable from the motorcycle accident. Police reports are important to determine the negligence of the accident. To strengthen your case, it is important that all injuries are reported. If able, gather information from nearby witnesses and obtain the other parties’ insurance information. Then contact a personal injury attorney so they can ensure justice and your full entitled compensation.

Who to not talk to after a motorcycle accident?

A personal injury attorney can be an asset because they advise you of what can and cannot be used against you. Avoid talking to insurance adjusters before you have an attorney. A personal injury attorney will provide you with the knowledge and guidance to make the correct steps to receive compensation from an insurance company.

Do I need to go to doctors’ appointments?

Yes, it is important to attend all doctors’ appointments following a motorcycle accident. If you miss appointments, then this can be used against you and the liable party can claim that you are not as injured as you say you are. It is the responsibility of an experienced personal injury attorney to let you know what needs to be done for your entitled compensation. /p>

What information should I get after a motorcycle accident?

If you are able to collect information at the scene of the accident, Trammell Law advises that you gather:

  • Full names
  • Insurance information
  • Drivers license numbers
  • License plate numbers

Should I take pictures and videos after a motorcycle accident?

Yes, it is helpful if you have evidence of pictures of the scene after a motorcycle accident. Take pictures of everything related to the accident such as road conditions, weather conditions, street signs, and location of the motorcycle accident. Pictures and videos are helpful evidence for a personal injury attorney to ensure that you receive full entitled compensation.

Do I have to call the police after a motorcycle accident?

It is important to call the Newnan Police and have a police report filed because a police report contains information about the motorcycle accident. Information on the police report is helpful to ensure that a personal injury attorney can help strengthen your case.

Should I talk to witnesses after a motorcycle accident?

Yes, you should talk to witnesses after the accident because any information from the witness statements can be beneficial in determining who was negligible at the scene of the accident.

Can I sue after a motorcycle accident?

Although motorcyclists can have a negative reputation of being unsafe that does not mean that you are not entitled to receive compensation for the accident. A personal injury attorney is responsible for ensuring that you still receive compensation for medical treatments and other expenses that resulted from the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney will not let any reputation get in the way of your rights and justice.

How long do I have to file a motorcycle accident?

The deadline is two years with a few exceptions such as accidents involving minors, defendants fleeing, and plaintiffs with mental illness. If you do not file in a timely manner then a judge can dismiss the case and you can receive no compensation.

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You must start building your claim as quickly as possible following any accident in Newnan, but navigating your insurance claim filing process and building a personal injury suit will be very difficult without trusted legal counsel. Trammell & White can provide the compassionate legal representation you need in this situation. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with a Newnan motorcycle accident lawyer and learn how we can help you recover.


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