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When you visit any private property, you have reasonable expectations for the property to be safe and for the property owner to take appropriate steps to address any foreseeable safety hazards on the property. Unfortunately, many property owners in Georgia fail to uphold their responsibilities when it comes to maintaining their properties. If you have been hurt on someone else’s property, you need to consult a Newnan slip & fall lawyer as quickly as possible.

Helping Slip & Fall Injury Victims Recover in Newnan, GA

The attorneys at Trammell & White are ready to assist you with your legal efforts to recover from a slip and fall accident in the Newnan area. Dalton Trammell and Garrett White have successfully handled many personal injury claims for clients in Newnan, including slip and fall injury claims filed under Georgia’s premises liability laws. We know the challenges you might face in your recovery efforts and how to overcome them.

When you choose our firm to represent you, you will have a dedicated advocate who can address your concerns, answer your questions, and provide valuable guidance pertaining to your case as it unfolds. We can help prove liability for your slip and fall, prove the full extent of the damages you suffered, and determine the optimal method for helping you recover compensation for your injuries, as well as pain and suffering.

Building a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

A slip and fall injury claim filed under premises liability law is a type of personal injury claim. This is a civil suit an injured party files against the party who injured them in an effort to secure compensation for their losses. To succeed with a personal injury claim, the victim must accurately identify the party responsible for causing the injuryand then prove the full extent of the resulting damages.

Success with your impending slip and fall injury claim will require proof that the defendantbreached their duty of care to ensure the safety of lawful visitors to their property. This means that if a property owner notices any element on their property that could foreseeably cause injury to a lawful guest and visitor, they will need to address the hazard immediately, post a clearly visible warning of some kind, or provide clear verbal warnings to visitors.

Property owners are also responsible for providing the appropriate security for certain types of properties. While this generally refers to camera surveillance and security staff, it also means adequate lighting in areas like staircases and entryways where slip and fall accidents are most likely to occur. Property owners are required to address any known safety issues on their property as soon as they become aware of them.

Failing in these efforts to prevent an injury to a guest or visitor, a property owner can be held liable for a slip and fall that occurs on their property. The plaintiff in a slip and fall injury case will need to prove that they were lawfully present on the defendant’s property, the defendant failed to meet their duty of care to ensure the property’s safety, and this failure directly resulted in harm to the plaintiff. The injured plaintiff will also need to prove the full extent of the damages they contend they suffered.

Claiming Compensation for a Slip and Fall

If you are able to prove fault for your slip and fall, you have the right to seek compensation for alldamages you sustained as a result of the incident. Your Newnan slip & fall lawyer can assist you with an accurate calculation of these damages, which are likely to include:

  • Medical expenses. The defendant is liable for any medical treatment bills you incur as a result of your slip and fall. If you suffered any serious injury that will require ongoing care, they are liable for your immediate and future treatment costs. It’s possible for slip and fall incidents to cause broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and other injuries that may demand extensive ongoing care.
  • Lost wages. If you are unable to work while you recover from your injury, the defendant is liable for the income you are unable to earn during this time. If your injury resulted in any measure of permanent disability, the defendant is also liable for your future income that you are no longer able to earn.
  • Pain and suffering. Georgia’s personal injury laws enable a plaintiff to seek financial compensation for their physical pain, psychological distress, and diminished quality of life resulting from a personal injury. There is no cap on the amount the plaintiff may claim, so the plaintiff has the right to claim whatever amount they deem reasonable to reflect the severity of their experience.

You may have some understanding of the damages you suffered from a slip and fall, but it is important to confer with experienced legal counsel so you can be sure that you are maximizing the total compensation you may obtain from the defendant who is responsible for your injuries. The attorneys at Trammell & White approach every personal injury case we accept with the intention of helping our client maximize their final award as much as state law allows.

What to Expect From Your Newnan Slip & Fall Lawyer

The right attorney can not only significantly increase the total compensation you obtain from a successful lawsuit, but they can also help you recover your case award in a much shorter time than you may initially expect. Trammell &White can aim to settle your personal injury case if possible, but if private settlement is not a viable option for resolving your case, you can rely on us to represent you in the courtroom.

We take personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis, so there will be no fee for our representation unless and until we win your case. Our contingency fee will be a percentage of the total compensation we win for you, so there is no risk of paying more to hire an attorney than you win in compensation for your damages.

You have a relatively limited time to pursue compensation for your damages, so it is vital for you to connect with a trustworthy Newnan slip & fall lawyer as quickly as possible after your accident so they can begin working on your case right away.


What should I do after I slip or trip and fall in newnan, georgia?

After a slip and fall, please seek medical attention to ensure that you are in good health and do not have any future health issues. Having medical records can bolster your insurance claim or lawsuit.

Who do I contact after I fall?

It is important to contact the owner of the establishment or whoever may be in charge of the location that caused you to slip and fall. Exchange contact information such as names and phone numbers. Then, contact a personal injury attorney to help gather evidence, communicate with the at fault party, and to prepare the lawsuit. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you receive entitled compensation for medical expensesand lost wages that may have occurred as a result of your injuries inthe slip and fall.

Should I take photos and pictures of where I slipped?

Yes, we advise that you take photos and videos of the scene of the accident. You want to show that there were no warning signs or precautions to prevent people from tripping and falling. It is important that you take pictures and videos of the scene before it is cleaned or changed.

Should I keep the clothes I wore from when I slipped and fell?

Yes, keep the clothes and do not change the condition that they were in from the day of the accident. Do not wash or clean them in any way. An investigation will be conducted and any residue such as blood, damage, and stains will be needed as evidence.

Why should I seek medical attention after falling?

Falls are one of the most dangerous and traumatic accidents because they can lead to serious injury that could sustain various medical bills and lost wages. It is not fair to you to not be entitled to compensation after a slip or trip and fall accident that is not your fault.

How long do I have to file a slip and fall claim?

In the state of Georgia, people have up to two years to file a personal injury claim. A sufferer of slip and fall injuries has up to two years to receive desired compensation. If you do not file a claim in two years, then you forfeit any possible chances of compensation from the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney will ensure that you do not miss any compensation and that you complete all necessary tasks to ensure your justice.

You’re likely to have many other questions regarding your slip and fall injury claim, and our team is ready to provide the guidance and support you need in this situation. Contact Trammell & White today to schedule your free initial consultation with a Newnan slip & fall lawyer and learn more about the legal services we provide and how we can assist you with your impending personal injury case.


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