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After being bitten by a dog please do not hesitate to contact and receive medical attention. It is vital to gather information on the scene such as taking pictures of the injury and the dog. It is vital to gather information on the scene such as taking pictures of the injury and the dog. Gather the name and address of the dog owner because they will be held responsible through their insurance provider. If the dog’s owner is not found, then investigators can be used to help track the owner. If there are witnesses around be open to talking to them and get their information. Once all the information is gathered, report the incident to Coweta County animal services then call Newnan police to ensure there is an official report

Where Do I Report A Dog Attack In Georgia?

After being bitten please seek medical attention if needed. Then call 911 to ensure that an official incident report is filed and call Coweta County animal services. After reaching out to the police and animal services the next step is vital to a proper settlement for the necessary recovery of a dog laceration. Visible and non-visible lacerations can provide various health issues that need medical attention from medical providers.

Can A Dog Owner Be Sued After A Dog Bite?

Yes, you can sue a dog owner after being bit in Newnan, Georgia. To go about a lawsuit will require that the dog has a history of aggressive and violent tendencies that the dog owner is aware of. In pursuit of a lawsuit in Newnan, Georgia it is required the owner is aware of the dog’s misbehavior.

Is A Lawyer Needed For A Dog Bite?

A lawyer will be an asset in the circumstance of a dog bite bite due to the dog owner or the dog owner’s insurance company not cooperating. A lawyer will be able to aid the victim and help provide necessary information to ensure that the victim receives full entitled compensation.

How Long Do I Have To File A Dog Bite Claim?

In the state of Georgia, a dog bite victim is granted up to two years to file a claim, if this two-year deadline is not met then you case can be denied. Personal injury attorneys are vital to ensure that your case meets deadlines and you receive compensation.

Liable Parties In A Dog Bite Lawsuit.

In Newnan, Georgia it is the dog owner’s responsibility for any injuries caused by the animal. With a stray dog it is harder to hold someone responsible.


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