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Does a driver need to stop for a pedestrian?

  • Yes, under Georgia law it is required that all Georgia drivers must come to a complete stop for a pedestrian on any sort of roadway and not just a crosswalk.

What type of compensation can I receive for a pedestrian accident?

  • Pedestrians in Newnan, Georgia that have been a victim of being hit by a car are entitled to money that can help you pay for medical treatment, prescription medications, therapy, and lost wages. Insurance companies may challenge your claims and that is why it is important to have a personal injury attorney to ensure that your rights are not violated and that you receive all of your full entitled compensation.

What to do after being hit by a car as a pedestrian in newnan georgia?

  • If able to please call 911 to ensure a police report is filed despite the possibility of not being badly injured. It is important that you still call for help so you can get checked out by medical professionals to ensure you do not need further medical attention. Try to get the drivers information such as their name, license number, license plate, insurance information, and contact information. We advise that you do not apologize or admit fault because it can be used against you. Gathering evidence is important such as taking pictures and videos. It is vital to take pictures and videos of signs, street conditions, roadways, and anything that you may think will strengthen your case. Seeking medical attention is important for your health and well-being. You may not experience side effects directly after the accident, but it is still important to see a doctor to prevent any future related injuries.

What to do if I hit a pedestrian in newnan, georgia?

  • Please stop the car and pullover. It is a crime if you leave the scene without stopping and exchanging information with the other parties in the accident. If you are able to get out of the car, then do so to check for injuries of yourself and the pedestrian. Then call 911 to file a police report and provide any necessary medical attention.

How much money can I get after being hit by a car?

  • Pedestrian car accidents vary due to multiple factors because accidents are all unique and different to one another. This one of many reasons why have a personal injury attorney can help with your case.

Can I go to jail for hitting someone with my car?

  • There are various punishments that a driver who hits a pedestrian can face. In Newnan, Georgia a driver can go on probation if not given jail time. A driver may also face restitutions, fines, and have a suspended drivers license.

Can an insurance company cover me after I hit a pedestrian?

  • Depending on the insurer, policies can cover you depending on driving negligently and recklessly. While being under the influence of drugs and alcohol some insurance companies may see that as intentional conduct. It is likely that the insurance company can choose to drop the coverage or in another case increase your premium.

Can I hit a pedestrian and not be held responsible?

  • Yes, a motorist can accidentally hit a pedestrian if the pedestrian gears off of the sidewalk into a roadway by accident and the driver does not have sufficient time to react safely to prevent hitting the pedestrian. A pedestrian is also at fault if they do not check the roadways before crossing and abruptly walk onto the road. It is important if you are a pedestrian to always check before crossing the road and to be on a sidewalk, crosswalk, or a shoulder of the road.


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